Water Free Pressing Mix

Water Free Pressing Mix

This series product is made from calcined anthracite, high quality bauxite, bonded by phenolic resin. It is used to fill up the joint between cooling stave and furnace shell, also between bottom cover plate and carbon based ramming mix. It will form into a strong and compact integrity after solidification to protect lining of furnace. It is featured with good workability, easy filling up, good integrity and high strength.

Physical and Chemical Index

Type ST-GYR-1 ST-GYR-2
Al2O3-C based Carbon based
Chemical Component    ≥ (%) AL2O3 55 30
SiC 5
C 5 50
Bulk Density    ≥ (g/cm3) 110℃×24h 2.10 1.80
Modulus of Rupture  ≥ (Mpa) 110℃×24h 4 4
Cold Crushing Strength  ≥ ( Mpa) 110℃×24h 10 10
Flowability (%) 150 160
Particle Size (mm) 0~1 0~1
Application between cooling stave and furnace shell between bottom cover plate and carbon based ramming mix

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